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  • Where can I download my copy of SAFY?
    The latest version of the SAFY executables are always avaialble via If you have a valid license and user account for SAFY you can login there and download your latest copy of the game . Keep in mind that if you have the game installed already, you will be prompted "in game" when a new version is available.
  • How do I install the game?
    After you purchased a license for the game, you will receive a link, activation code and instructions in your email. Didn’t receive an email? It usually takes up to 1 working day to process your purchase. If you haven’t receive an email after that feel free to contact us or one of the representatives. Installation of the game works with an application installer that you can download by following the instructions in the email. Once downloaded, double click the executable (.EXE) and the installation proces will start. Follow the installation instructions in the dialogs and exept the defaults by clicking Next> each time. The game will install on your computer. The final dialog says Completing the SAFY setup Wizard. Make sure the checkmark in front of "Launch SAFY" is checked and click Finish. The game will start and you are ready to start working on your safety skills.
  • Can I play the game on a windows (work) laptop?
    Yes, the game can be played anytime, anywhere. You have to make sure that the firewall of the company doesn’t block the application. If you’re not sure about your company’s security rules, contact your system administrator.
  • Do I need internet to play the game?
    For downloading the application you need an Internet connection. If the application is already downloaded, you don’t need Internet anymore. If you want to update the game or play against other colleagues Internet access is required too.
  • If I buy a subscription, how many levels are available? "
    One license means buying a full subscription of the game. All current and future levels will be unlimited available to you during your subscription period. So, it is one cost for unlimited game play and safety awareness training. Currently, SAFY has over 40 levels to be played and more to come...
  • What is the best way to implement SAFY?
    The best way is to start with small groups and expand it from that point on. If necessary, our consultants stand by and are happy to help you with the implemenation. So feel free to contact one of our experts.
  • Can I manage my co-workers and see the results of them?
    If you are registerd as a manager, you can see the results of your team. Also, you can print full reports of playtime, score and passing percentages!
  • On what platforms is SAFY available?
    Currently, the game is available on Microsoft Windows10 and in Virtual Reality (HTC Vive). Please note that only a few levels are currently avaiable in VR. Especially Hazard Awareness and Lock-out Tag-out are fun to play in VR as well.
  • What computer do I need to play SAFY?
    A game ready computer! But, we understand that not everyone has a game ready computer with a high performance graphics card... So, if your computer is fairly current (not older that five years), has a relatively good graphics card (HD of 4K), good screen, at least a i5 processor and at least 4GB of RAM (more is better) it should work fine. Is you even have a HTC Vive headset, parts of the game can be played in Virtual Reality (you will require this professional game ready computer then as well). SAFY does not support: * Tablet devices running iOS or Android. * Computer, older that 5 years. * Windows operating systems prior to Microsoft Windows 10. * Online play via browser technology. * Other VR platforms than HTC Vive.
  • What languages are available?
    The game is currently available in English (US) and Dutch.
  • I'm unable to install the game on my local computer.
    Once you have downloaded the game from (make sure to have a valid license and user account), the installer should be executed. To install the game you need rights to your local computer. If you are on a company computer it is most likely that you do not have the proper rights. Reach out to you company system administrator for additional support.
  • When running the game for the first time, I cannot login"
    The game supports offline play so you can play the game without internet connectivity. But, there is one exception: the first login. The local game does nog know who you are and to validate your license you have to login once to activate this. This process will also create a local profile on your computer for future offline play. Please note that once in a while you will need an internet connection to receive level updates and game upgrades. If you fail to login the first time. Make sure to have an active internet connection and that the message below (left bottom corner of your game screen) does not show.
  • The game is slow on my computer.
    SAFY is a full interactive and immersive game that relies on your local computer performance. The most important part of your local computer is the graphics card that services your best play experience. If your computer is fairly old or does not have a specific graphics card that supports interactive games it might be advisable to switch computers. Otherwise, the game experience will not get better. SAFY has a built in mechanism to handle limited performance by switching off elements that are not critical to your training. If game experience is still not as expected we advice to switch to a different computer.
  • The game feels slow after a while.
    SAFY is a full interactive graphical game that relies on the performance of your local computer. If the performance was OK initially, but feels slow after playing a few times make sure to close other open applications than SAFY. If that doesn't help, restart your computer to free up occupied memory.
  • I hear background sound, but Bob is not talking to me."
    SAFY is a game that can be played without an instructor by your side. The virtual instructor is part of the game. You'll experience this hearing Bob, the narrator in the game who is helping you with instructions and senses when you get stuck in the game. When Bob is talking you will see a message that slides out at the top right of your screen: If you see this message but do not hear Bob talking, something might have gone wrong when downloading Bob's files. To fix this, quit the level (click the hamburger menu in the top right of your screen) and return to the main level selection screen. At the top you will see the language selection button. Click it and select another language. Then click it again and select your own language. This will force the game to download all language files again. Please note that depending of the speed of your internet connection, this might take a while since audio is a big part of the game that you just forced to download again to your computer. Once finished, restart your level and have fun playing.
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